Prayer Responses to Injustice

Lent is a Time for Healing and Renewing: An option for some quiet and refreshing the Spirit.

Lenten Retreat – Hope and Kindness – A Lenten Poultice for Our Woes. Opportunity for Reflection and sharing
Saturday, April 6, 2019– 9 a.m. to noon St, Albert the Great Hospitality Center 1095 Channing Ave Palo Alto
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The following prayer was posted on the Intercommunity Peace and Justice website

A Prayer for the People of Las Vegas

Our hearts are breaking today, as we hear the news of those killed and wounded by gunfire in Las Vegas. We pray for the dead, for the wounded, for their families and loved ones. We pray for police, for first responders, for medical staff, and all those who seek to heal those affected by this tragedy. And we pray for our country, that we will find ways to turn from a culture of violence and death to a culture in which we all seek peace and justice.