Resources for Peace and Justice Endeavors

Human Trafficking is more than an international issue.  Trafficking is a growing local issue.  Whether it is labor or sex trafficking we are witnessing it in Plain Sight.

**There are more massage parlors in in San Jose, CA than Starbucks
**A 15 year old was recently rescued in San Jose after spending 3 years as a victim. The teenager ran away from home when she was 12 and had been shuttled from city to city in the US.
Lets rethink Trafficking using different words.
When we rephrase our language, we change our thinking.
From: johns, buyers To rapists, pedophiles, abusers, exploiters
From prostitute, whore courtesan To victims, exploited.


Project Greet: by Sakshi Satpathy, Ambassador Girl Scout
Project GREET
Below are films, playlist and curriculum (attached as a PDF) can be accessed from the website above, but are listed separately for convenience.

Films and Playlist :

(A) Project GREET   Human Trafficking

(B) Project GREET   Gender Equality

 (C) Project GREET   Child Marriage

 (D) Playlist of other educational films

 (E) Curriculum

IMG_3035A billboard to draw attention to Human Trafficking. Funds provided by Sisters of Charity, BVM.  Billboard created by students from Dubuque, University.

Catholic Network to End Human Trafficking: CNEHT is one of the social justice committees of the Diocese of San Jose. CNEHT has a monthly publication. If you wish to subscribe write to Terry Jelly

Two high school seniors who have been involved with CNEHT received certificates for their service at a recent CNEHT meeting

Here are some of the newsletters from CNEHT  

NetNewsFeb17    NetNewsApr17

The Diocese of San Jose has developed a Diocesan Pastoral Response to the Immigration IssueTogether in Christ: The Church’s Pastoral Response to the Crisis of Immigrants Facing Imminent Deportation.  Published March 2017.

Below is the Organizational Chart for Parish/Group Involvement. Notice the three possible ways of engaging in immigration reform.

There is Social Change which includes advocacy. Direct contact which includes working with immigrants directly through assistance with documentation to sanctuary.  And support which could be financial.

Read the document and see how you can help if you are in Santa Clara County or make this viable for your parish, community or group. To Read More: Pastoral Response to Immigrant Crisis8th Day Center for Justice has published a Tool Kit to assist in discussing difficult topics. Click below for the Toolkit


NETWORK Lobby has published a reflection/discussion Guide.